Welcome to Leo's Site!

What is GITA?

GITA, or Global IT Academy, is BOHS' unique computer science class. The class is tought by the agnificent Mr. Salesky. Based off college level courses, we are held to such standards, and given such freedoms. GITA gives all of its students an opporotunity to truly express themselves in the digital world, building games, websites, and portfolios, using skills that will stay with us throughout our lifetime.

What am I learning this year?

This year, I am learning to build websites in html5. This includes using css and javascript to style and script my websites. This site is built using all three.

What are my goals for this year?

This school year, I plan to stay on top of my grades, while aslo giving myself time for myself. I do plan on achieving Eagle Scout, along with continuing my hobbies of Writing, Cartography, and plaing D&D with my frineds.

"Change is coming to the world...Better prepare yourself." -Master Rahool