I’m Leonardo Garcia, a GITA Student at Brea Olinda High School. Here's a bit about me.


About Me


I’m Leonardo Garcia, a GITA Student at Brea Olinda High School. Here's a bit about me.

I live a relatively busy life between my BSA and my school careers. I'm an Eagle Scout from BSA Troop 707 here in Brea, where I serve as the Webmaster. In Brea's Venture Crew 707, I serve as the Secretary. I'm a leading Quartermaster for Orange County Council's National Youth Leadership Training and often serve on the staff of Wood Badge. In school, I am involved in the National Honors Society, Rho Kappa, and, most importantly, GITA. My current endeavor is going for the Congressional Award's Gold Medal. My hobbies include Writing, Reading, Baking, and playing the violin. I also love gaming with my friends and do so on a daily basis. I aspire to work in the field of Artificial Intelligence, so I'm learning all I can in this amazing class.

I have many pets, among which include my cat Momo, my leopard gecko Ahmed, my ball python Snacc, a turtle named Squirt, a beta fish named Geebo, and several dozen Madagascar hissing cockroaches (they of which are the passion of my father).

Feel free to look around my website, I hope you like it!

"Connecting the World"


Brea Olinda High School's Global Information Technologies Academy, or GITA, is a four-year program that strives to educate students about the world of computer sciences and careers. Here at GITA, we gain the necessary knowledge and experience for entering the world of technology. With a rigorous, yet flexible program, GITA students are able to freely express themselves in everythign from their work, their interactions, and even their hobbies.

Through GITA, students have the opportunity to join numerous clubs and programs, such as Cyber Patriot, our school's competing cyber security club and multiple internships with companies such as Boeing and Beckman Coulter. Needless to say, we work with potential!

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